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Guatemala Presidential Candidate Gloria Álvarez And Her Hope for Her Country: A Conversation

Guatemala is one of many Latin American countries that have struggled throughout history to maintain a fair democracy, societal stability, and a buoyant economy. June will see Guatemalans seize the voting booths and elect a new President off a lengthy menu featuring over 25 candidates. One of those candidates is the self-described “anti-populist” Gloria Álvarez.

An Interview With Venezuelan Leader Jorge Jraissati: What’s Next For Venezuela?

In recent weeks, more than 60 countries have come to recognize President of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó as the Interim President of Venezuela, following the U.S.’s initial recognition of Guaidó. This weekend, I corresponded with Jorge Jraissati about this topic. He is one of the most influential young political leaders of Venezuela. As President of Venezuelan Alliance, Jorge has been crucial in organizing the international community and its efforts to achieve a political change in Venezuela.

Memes: A Political Force

Internet memes have become a force, politically and culturally. They are not only a device and a medium for political discourse, but they also impact the offline world in a variety of ways. It was during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election that memes began to arguably impact politics offline. N.Y.U. alumnus Calvin Tran, who is the founder and head of the media outlet NODEHAUS Media, has thoughts on memes and their growing influence on politics and culture.

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