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After Iowa: Scrap The Caucuses & Adopt Ranked-Choice Voting

To say that Monday evening in Iowa was a dumpster fire is an understatement. Firstly, caucuses are ineffective, antiquated, and must be replaced with primaries. And, secondly, our current electoral rules have some issues: a growing candidate pool renders the “first-past-the-post” system increasingly problematic and multiple rounds of voting are way too time-consuming. Can we just adopt ranked-choice voting already?

Memes: A Political Force

Internet memes have become a force, politically and culturally. They are not only a device and a medium for political discourse, but they also impact the offline world in a variety of ways. It was during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election that memes began to arguably impact politics offline. N.Y.U. alumnus Calvin Tran, who is the founder and head of the media outlet NODEHAUS Media, has thoughts on memes and their growing influence on politics and culture.

Dems Now Control Albany: This is What to Expect

Since 2011, a coalition of Republicans and breakaway conservative Democrats in the New York State Senate has stymied much of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s left-leaning legislative agenda. Now, Gov. Cuomo has near-complete control over the legislative agenda, since the Democrats, having seized the State Senate in last Tuesday’s midterm elections, now run the entire state government. An important question we should ask, then, is: What will happen to New York State now that it is under one-party rule?

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